Royal Rumble presents...

Fokuz Recordings Labelnight

Sa 02.05.2020 – elektronisch / saal
Beginn: 23:00 H
AK: 25 Euro

Welcome to Heidelberg - tonight we focus on Fokuz. 

Since early 2000 Fokuz recordings has played am important role in the development of the liquid D&B scene. Fokuz Recordings, has always had a preference to promote new talent, looking for the hidden jewels in all the corners of the world, bringing new artist and new sounds to the scene. Many of todays respected artists had something to do with the label in the early starts of their carreers. It’s artists like Lenzman, Alix Perez, Icicle, Noisia, Lomax, Bcee, Enei, Hybrid minds, Satl, Technimatic, Fourward, Spectrasoul, Command Strange and many others who all had their first releases signed and promoted by the label. Fokuz recordings, has been pushing and promoting quality drum &  bass for over 2 decades and today, the label is more active than ever before.
Fokuz together with artists like Edlan, Minos, Macca, Sevin, Anthony Kasper, Silence Groove and many others are collectively trying to shape the future of where liquid drum and bass is going, and more than ever you can expect the label dig deeper and find more new quality music from the unknown places of all around the world. Its all about the music!!

So we're more than thrilled to present our first Fokuz Recordings Night in Heidelberg, Germany with the following Lineup:


T & Sugah 








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