Liquicity Heidelberg

The Galaxy of Dreams

Sa 30.11.2019 – elektronisch / saal, club
Einlass: 21:00 H / Beginn: 21:00 H
AK: 30 Euro / VVK: ab 18 Euro zzgl. Gebühren

18 Euro zzgl. Gebühren - Super Early Bird Ticket - SOLD OUT
21 Euro zzgl. Gebühren - Early Bird Ticket  - SOLD OUT           
24 Euro zzgl. Gebühren - Regular Ticket               
28 Euro zzgl. Gebühren - Late Ticket                  

Back to Heidelberg! For the second time in history, the Galaxy of Dreams will touch down in halle02.
This time room 2 will be added for an even better experience.
Stand by for a magical night with a Liquicity all star line-up.

confirmed - so far:
Pola & Bryson
... more to come ...

Tickets will go on sale Thursday May 16th at 16:00 here
Last edition sold out early in advance. 

Super Early Bird Tickets starting up with 18 Euro. Door rate 30 Euro. 

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