A night with BEN KLOCK

Der Techno-Koloss plus Kobosil in Heidelberg!

Sa 06.05.2017 – elektronisch / saal
Beginn: 22:00 H
VVK: 18 Euro zzgl. Gebühr / AK: 22 Euro / Early Bird Tickets: 15 Euro plus Gebühren / VVK-Ticket inkl. VRN / Early-Entry Tickets: 15 Euro plus Gebühren (Preis gilt nur bis 24 Uhr)

Tickets ab sofort Online und an alle bekannten VVK-Stellen verfügbar!
• Early Bird Tickets: 15 Euro plus Gebühren [SOLD OUT!]
• VVK-Tickets: 18 Euro plus Gebühren
• Early-Entry Tickets: 15 Euro plus Gebühren (Preis gilt nur bis 24 Uhr)

◆ BEN KLOCK ◆ (3 hours closing set)



There might not be anyone in the world who could possibly better embody modern techno music than Ben Klock does right now: raw, dark, hypnotic, but equally deep, experimental and forward thinking. Being one of the original residents of the techno institution Berghain and relying on an outstanding career of more than 15 years, Ben Klock has become one of the most influential and respected figures in modern electronic music of our generation. For the best part of the last decade, the restless DJ and producer has been transporting that unsurpassable Berghain vibe and his own unique sound vision all over the world, pushing boundaries with his incredible DJ sets and always being a step ahead on the evolution of techno music worldwide.

There is no big festival, no renowned venue or essential underground club that hasn’t already been torn apart by this man and his relentless sound. Now, time has come for our beloved venue in Heidelberg to be added to this remarkable list, not only with Ben Klock to deliver one of his superb closing sets, but also with his label colleague, huge talent and new rising techno star Kobosil alongside the amazing techno connoisseurs Machine Funk Savantage as support. No more words needed, everything is set for a legendary night.

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